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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oi Vay!

While I am not Jewish I find it interesting to surf the Israeli newspapers for their perspective on subjects that may be of interest to Americans. Needless to say their coverage of subject is specific to them but those topics of common interest often have information that we never would see in our media. For example how does this headline strike you?

Ahmadinejad to Cancel Food, Fuel subsidies, for transfer to Nuclear Projects
This November 8th headline describes his government reallocating $30-$50 billion dollars to go towards their nuclear ambitions. This was approved by the Iranian parliament. Doesn’t this just encourage the heck out of you that playing nicey nicey with Iran is only hurting American interests. Rahm Emmanuel was to speak to General Assembly of the Jewish Federations as the keynote speaker in D.C. today. Perhaps he should “listen already to what they could tell him”. We are afraid of Sanctions because it might hurt the people that lunatic is starving.

Couple that with the latest Iranian solid fuel rocket, with 10 times the power of their previous Omid 1 rocky. They plan to put a satellite into orbit. Maybe later they can send the bomb as far as Warsaw or launch it from a ship to let’s say… Not let’s not. It will have a range of 2450 kilometers and will be able to support a fair size payload, I mean, satellite.

This with the fact that relations between Obama and Netanyahu aren’t exactly rosy… One Israeli describes Netanyahu’s perspective of America this way:
Netanyahu likes to say that the United States is big and that the Israeli public is mistaken in identifying the American viewpoint only with the president. The true America, Netanyahu says, begins 70 miles west of New York and ends 70 miles east of Los Angeles, and within this enormous space, Israel has millions of loyal supporters.

This writer goes on to point out that Israel’s diplomacy with the American is with a Novice in charge of a Superpower. When you put it that way I suppose Israel may have some serious concerns. We Americans seem to have little or no affect on Obama’s decision making. It is anyone’s guess what Obama may do, or as more often tends to be the case, what Obama won’t do.


  1. It seems we share a common interest. I receive an Israeli paper or two and I also find it interesting.

    I really like Netanyahu. It must be quite a disappointment to have to work with a President who is so detached from his people (Obama). I like that Netanyahu understands that most Americans stand behind Israel despite the fact that many of our elected officials do not!

  2. I too have great respect for Netanyahu. I believe he is a mature leader with excellent skills to negotiate with those who won't play nice.


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