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Sunday, November 1, 2009


When you get right down to it keeping up with the Political Landscape in America is absolutely boring to a great many. Unless you are a political science major or one of the few people who are inexplicably drawn with every fiber of their being to the latest news, it is just not all that interesting. If you are a blogger you stand a better chance at an audience if you offer some advice on designing twitter backgrounds or a better way to get gum out of hair.

Once again, I have had to come to the hard realization that a great deal of Americans are not now, nor soon likely to become interested in Obama and his radical regime. Thomas Jefferson wrote some 230 years ago “…that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves…” and not much has changed. I heard another version of Jefferson’s wisdom years ago that went like this, “the pain that we feel is preferred to the pain that we fear”. In essence it seems that humans will tolerate much to avoid risking worse.

Having spent my complete existence studying human behavior, religion, philosophy and the like I continue to be amazed by above mentioned phenomenon. Still, there is that “flashpoint” just when oil becomes hot enough to the instantly burst into flames and a similar one for humans when they will rise to their feet an rebel against tyranny. While I see a great many Americans seriously concerned about the troubles of the days, I see a vast group that are so absorbed by their day to day lives that they cannot smell the smoke nor feel the heat of the flames engulfing them.

Recently I had the chance to ask some family members about what they thought of the State of the Union and what they knew about current important issues. Well there seemed to be little knowledge about what was going on and not any real concern that anything was all that amiss. My attempts to draw attention to issues of concern seemed to do more to prove my insanity than to educate. I believe that I may have actually caused them to question the validity of what I was trying to say. Fair enough. Declaring that you think Obama has full intentions to remake this nation into something of his choosing does sound a bit extreme. Still, I was left with the impression that whatever happened would be fine and did not merit them looking into it.

Needless to say I walked away from that conversation less that gratified and even a little offended that my opinion carried so little weight. I hadn’t be push or sanctimonious and tried to present fact with verifiable sources. Yet, I failed to make any noticeable difference and do not expect that they will be of any help on Election Day. But, do not misunderstand. I don’t think these folks abnormal but rather quite normal. The storm troopers boots will have to hit their front porches before they sound the alarm; if even then. As for me, I continue on: amazed.

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