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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sorry Kids. Grandpa didn't know.

The good news is that I have a new grandson. The bad news is that I haven’t a clue what kind of America he is going to grow up in. This latest grandson gives me a total of three. Selfishly I would love for them to have the same opportunities that I’ve had and that their dads have had. While there are no guarantees in life it is right for me to have these concerns. As of this moment my grandsons each owe $38,704.00 to the national debt. The three of them owe collectively nearly $120,000.00 and that is assuming they all have ordinary futures. God forbid one of them is financially successful for then their debt grows exponentially. It just isn't within me to hope my grandsons will be less than the most they can be.

It just seems that there ought to be something I could do as “Grandpa” that would help their future. I put away a little they might wind up with if I am not forced into spending it. I call, write, email, and fax every Senator and Representative for our state and even to some other states. I encourage, exhort, reassure and praise whenever possible. Of late I find I urge, push, plead, and all but threaten. Neither seems to make much difference. What I get back are dispassionate generic letters of why they voted the way they did and how my thinking should be if I were “right minded” like they are.

I have blogged and tea bagged, donated and whined, called talk radio and even talk in my sleep. Still I am right back where I started: I need help. If I am to preserve the Great America that I’ve so loved for my grandkids I need your help. And, if you are anything like me you know that you need my help to. Now dammit, how do we get 50 million Americans to jump up all at once and say “I have had it with Washington, Obama and the lot of them and I am not going to take it anymore”?

November of 2010 seems as far off to me as when I was 15 wanting to be 16 so I could drive a car. It is always that way when you are passionate about something: it just can’t come fast enough. I was that way when each of my sons told me that they were getting married and again when they said I’d be grandpa again. With my last breath I suspect I will be passionate about them still. To them I pledge my allegiance as I do to the Flag of these United States called America, and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation, Under GOD, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all, even the unborn.

Well grandkids of America. While I was writing this letter asking for help, America’s bureaucrats spent another $273,000,000.00 (273 million dollars) from your piggy banks. For every minute that passes we are spending 26 million dollars (1 minute = $26,000,000.00) of your future. I am sorry kids but grandpa just doesn’t know how to solve problems like this.

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  1. This is just great Ken. It speaks to everyone who is a parent or grandparent.


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