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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Slow News days…

One can hardly fail to notice that fresh breaking news tends to dry up about Thursday of each week and doesn’t pick up until Tuesday of the following week. Truly there is nothing newsworthy going on inside the beltway. Congress has been packing it in earlier each week and of course they have only been talking one subject for months: healthcare reform. They did get a Gay and Lesbian Hate Crimes piece of legislation through by stuffing it into a Defense Spending bill. Seems like an odd way to get that through. Oh well, they had to beat the rush hour traffic to the airport.

Nancy of course hangs around longer as she has no life and doesn’t plan to quit pushing until we don’t have one either. That and the fact that we are footing the bill for her to have her own private jet makes travel less inconvenient for her. I don’t even think Harry goes home anymore. His popularity is so low he just hangs around Washington picking out drapes for his new Whitehouse office. You know; the office he will get when he loses his bid for reelection in Nevada. Surely Barry has something for him.

If you channel surf and weave your way through the web you might find some fun blogs and editorials but nothing new from the MSM or Administration. BO did declare H1N1 a national emergency Friday night. I guess the spat with Fox News and the US Chamber of Commerce weren’t giving him the kind of diversion he needs. It appears that we don’t have enough vaccine because there is a shortage of “eggs” to produce the vaccine. Excuse me. These are the people who want to run my healthcare. They can’t even get my eggs right.

You can’t escape the continual bad news out of the Mideast. It seems that unlike our politicians, terror never takes a day off. Even Iran has had a terror attack. What up wit dat. They fund and support terrorists. They give them weapons and ammo. They aren’t supposed to be the subject of terror. It must have made them feel so much better to see the attacks renewed in Iraq and Israel. By the way, Iran decided they may need more time to agree to the agreement that they already agreed upon with us. So again. No real news out of Iran.

So if there is no real news why do I have this constant nagging feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Oh yeah. It’s that hope and change guy!

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