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Friday, October 2, 2009

I think The Winner is: The "O's" (UPDATED)

I just can’t resist weighing in on the “Get the Olympics” effort by the “Os”: the Obama’s, Oprah, former Olympic athletes, and the Others. Okay I couldn’t figure out a way to turn Mayor Daly into an O. In any case it is my opinion that the fix is in on this deal. Me thinketh that this trip is all about appearances and that the “O’s” have it. But just for fun let’s wait a few hours and see. What do you think?

UPDATED: Chicago was eliminated for Olympic Consideration. I was wrong and so happy to be wrong. Whether or not Chicago needed or wanted the Olympics is a separate matter. This must be a major blow to the Obamas. They are unused to losing.


  1. It seems that there are no depths to Obama's credibility. Of course, losing the Olympics bid is racist, or Bush's fault.

  2. I am sure they will blame it on someone. Surely the IOC didn't feel bullied by us or that RIO should have a chance...


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