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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Man Without A President

When I was a student a short story that was required reading was “A man without a Country”. In that work of fiction the protagonist of the story, Philip Nolan, curses America and declares that he hoped he would never see or hear of America again. This work from 1863 by Edward Everett Hale is a great read and can really induce reflection upon what America means to each of us. For me it solidified the foundation of my patriotism which had been laid by my family and community. I never look at Old Glory but what my chest swells with pride at the thought of my United States of America.

In a similar way I have always honored and even revered the office of the President of these United States. I have lived and served under nearly a dozen though I was too young to vote for the first few. Their appearance on TV was of keen interest to me and I beamed to have them represent us to the rest of the World. I was raised to believe that anyone could be president and I am sure that hope lingered in the breasts of many a Patriot.

Of late there has been a sadness creep into me and not just me but in many Americans I suppose. It was hard to put my finger on that sadness but finally I succeeded: I don’t have a President. I am a "American Without a President." Sure there is one at the White House but he doesn’t represent nor care the least about me.

I have always had disagreement with presidents whether I voted for them or not and, regardless of those disagreements they were still “my President”. Something is different with this one we have now in that he doesn’t even desire to be my President. Something has changed.

Mr. Obama does not value the things of America that I do, he also doesn’t respect my right to believe them. Some of the signs at the tea parties are examples of things I believe in: Lower Taxes, No More Taxes, No to Cap and Trade, God is Pro-Life, etc. Not only did Mr. Obama not address the concerns of the Tea Parties but he actually made fun of them and treated the participants as a fringe group not worthy of his time. I am sorry Mr. Obama but those people are Americans and far from the fringe. You are president of all of America and not just those who hang on your every word. You took an oath to uphold the constitution and it includes me. Yet you do not consider me or those like me.

You said that you welcomed “Spirited Debate” yet you stifle every effort at that. Of late you have advocated the tactic of de-legitimizing the Fox News channel. In this you have denied an audience to the millions who tune into Fox News. We do not want to be spoon fed by those stations that cater to your will. I have lived long enough to remember the government controlled media of Russia and I am here to tell you that your efforts to stifle Free Speech border on tyranny.

You promised “Transparency” and a “Post Partisan” government. Yet, the congress is more divided than ever and we Americans are waiting for that first example of transparency. It has not come in your Administration and certainly not in your so-called Town Halls. I say so called because everyone knows that you control everything. You control who comes and who can ask questions and then you drone on until the time runs out and nothing of any substance is ever asked nor answered. This is the America you want to build?

And, you promised to eliminate waste and pork and abuses of government. Yet the very first thing that you signed had over 800 pork barrel projects but you declined to take them on calling it “Old Business”. That just wasn’t the response America was expecting from a candidate who ran on Hope and Change. Nothing has changed that needs changing but everything that America stands for is in danger of being irrevocably changed by your lack of interest in governing all Americans. Lead us and stop with the preaching to us. We have heard your speeches and are waiting for you to do something useful for economy and jobs. You continue to campaign for everything and everyone who can help you. How about helping those of us who have nothing to give you?

Lastly, all I see these days is division. Surely this is not your plan. Is it?


  1. Outstanding stuff Ken, absolutely outstanding analysis.

  2. Your right, even with Clinton I had a sense that the President cared about America. Clinton and Bush each did good and bad things. Obama has done so little good and so much bad. I keep hoping I will wake and be 9 years old, Reagan is President, and Obama was just a bad dream.


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