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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What the hell is going on?

Listening to the radio today gave me a real sense of just how badly this country is divided. There are economic and ethnic divisions and racial and cultural divides. There are those who favor government and those who favor even more government and some who want no government at all. Some want to take from those who have and give to the have-nots. Some don’t care who they take it from as long as they get theirs. Tom Brokaw once wrote that the Greatest Generation was those who got us through World War II. I am thinking if we don’t rise to a greater height in these days that we will go down as the “loser” generation.

In Saint Louis there are those fighting to stop the sale of the Rams football team if Rush Limbaugh is a part of the ownership. They contend that he would be too divisive and some players wouldn’t play for him. Some contend that he is a racist as they hurl racist accusations against him that they cannot prove nor will they ever. The Rams have bled this city since coming here and anyone who wants to shoulder some of their debt can have it as far as I am concerned.

Next I find that the actions that congress took to defund ACORN were on a stopgap measure. ACORN will again be funded by the Federal Government “we the taxpayers” on November 1st of this year. So, all the hoopla that went on in congress was a ruse. As of today there has been no action by the Congress to investigate this firm and there is actually some indications that ACORN is continuing to gain support through back channels even now.

President Obama stated that illegal immigrants will not get healthcare. Joe Wilson called him a liar. As it turns out, the Supreme Court has already faced this issue with education in the past and has ruled that “all persons” will be entitled to a public education. Joe it appears that you are right and that no matter what congress puts out it will by law be available to illegal immigrants. In the meantime the government is trying to hamstring the efforts of Arizona’s Maricopa county Sherriff Joe Arpaio. They de-authorized him from arresting illegals. Joe as other plans. In these cases the “Joes have it”!


  1. All I know, Ken, is at this point I have given up my office chair for a handbasket. The sports teams in this country are so prima donna filled they don't even live in reality. The same could be said of the government.

  2. one guy i know went to new zealand,one guy flew into the IRS building ,one guy got a divorce went to Alaska,a lot of veterans think USA is going out the door,5.7 Americans gave up don't vote any more,China can make a Electric 4 dr car with lithium ion battery pack all for $15k
    GM fired its CEO...Toyota is still saying sorry and bowing out !!the Bankers are laughing.


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