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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Socialism: A Good Thing...Right???

As a young person in school some 40+ years ago I remember my first thoughts about socialism. I can remember thinking, “That doesn’t sound bad at all. Actually that might be kinda good. That way there are no poor people, nor rich people, there are just people. Today as I listen as young people voice the same kinds of thoughts. They really don’t have the fear of socialism that older people have. Some of that may come from the way that they have been raised.

If you look at the school curriculum it would be easy to argue that the educational system is left leaning. By leaning I mean they are an obtuse angle. Depending upon the school system they may lean from left to extremely left in varying degrees. Even the families that our young people have been raised in have had a left leaning effect on our young people, though unintended. It is the norm in many American families to give and give to their children and to struggle to find ways to meet our children’s every desire. What parent hasn’t worked overtime to provide the “right” tennis shoes or clothes for their children. It is my thought that these things create a sense of entitlement within our children and a natural acceptance of socialistic thought. It becomes normal for them to think "they should have the same things as others". Socialism doesn't seem all that offensive. We parents unknowingly helped create that mindset.

I doubt that many families dine together these days and if they do it seems unlikely that parents would use the time to discuss current events. How many children know that in Communist China during Mao Zedong’s between 40,000,000 and 80,000,000 (40- 80 million) lives were lost to communist rule; mostly due to starvation or slaughter. Millions more died in Russia due to persecution, perhaps as many as 30,000,000. Each day thousands die in North Korea, mostly of starvation, and in every communist country there are similar abuses with totals upwards of 30million. Cuba’s numbers are no doubt lower but surely significant. Who can say what the totals might be.

Now, none of these countries call themselves “Communist”. They call themselves some version of “Socialist Republics”. Regardless they embrace the concept of socialism and that everyone should be and receive equally (“Share the Wealth”). For more than 60 years these countries have struggled with their Socialism and still the people suffer. Notice I said the people suffer and not the governement. Yet someone must GOVERN that sharing and this is where the problem always comes in. If you could just find that right person to govern. Who is that special someone who can GOVERN with fairness, honesty, purity, and justice. They would have to be like god: Some ONE very special. No one has found "The One" yet.

Arguably, no reasonable people would ever surrender to this form of government except for one thing: It is never presented in its final version. It is always presented as a “Foot in the Door” better idea. Usually it is some fine sounding Change that strikes a chord with the masses. Occasionally it is thrust upon the peoplw without their consent. More often it is a combination of the above. The adoption of the CHANGE takes place and all is well. Until, human nature takes its course, greed and corruption enter (usually waiting close by) and voila you have a government telling you what you can have, and when, and how much.

The only way to stop this is to keep the "Foot out of the Door". At first sign of this evil, kick the door closed. I am firmly convinced that the toe is being wedged in the door at this very moment and I am kicking with all I have. I am no longer a naïve schoolboy. I suggest you not be either.

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  1. You make a great point. That video of Reagan was very powerful too.

    Socialism happens the same way my cat hunts birds.
    He only makes move when his victims aren't looking, and he makes sure that he only moves a little bit at a time. But, inevitably the cat will capture it's unsuspecting prey, and by then it's too late.

    Great post, too bad you are put in a position to have to write it.

    God Bless your efforts.



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