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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Obama a Muslim?

On his radio show G. Gordon Liddy stated,
“I’m convinced that despite his protestations to the contrary, that Barack Obama is a Muslim. I don’t believe that he’s a Christian at all. I believe he’s a Muslim.” Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer stated “Well, you know the church that he famously or infamously attended was, was odd in many ways.”

Needless to say, comments like these are sending the Liberals to their keyboards like accounting clerks at tax time. Few comments posted are in support of the Idea that Obama could be a closet Muslim while I suspect that there are many Americans who suspect it. You don’t have to look long to see a pattern of Islamic favoritism in Obama’s behavior.

No sooner than the Senate announced that they intended to investigate Major Nadal Malik Hasan (the Fort Hood Mass Murderer) when Obama ordered them to back away stating that it was too soon to investigate. Initially all the media except Fox News were reluctant to tie this attack to terrorism. Most reasonable people could conclude Hasan was committing Jihad but were encouraged to maintain political correctness. Now even the most liberal of news sources are questioning this mans ties to Al Qaeda. He had multiple email accounts and donated thousands of dollars to militant muslim organizations but many just want to call it “temporary insanity”.

Let’s ignore that Hasan made all those anti-American statements about the Afghan and Iraqi wars and that he wrote dozens of emails to a known Al Qaeda clerica and that he yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he slay the innocent. Let us also ignore that he purchased two guns nicknamed “Cop Killers” for their ability to penetrate body armor and then sneaked them on base. Let’s forget that he gave away his possesions hours before he commited his treacherous acts knowing that he was soon to be in paradise with his virgins. On second thought let’s not forget these things. When did reasonable people loose the ability to think and add up the facts and come up with conclusions? It happened over time when left wingers said we were wrong and harsh in our thinking and we bought into it.

Freudian Slip?

Face it America. About 20% of America is telling the rest of us how we should think, what we should believe, and where we should put our faith. I say it is high time that we think for ourselves and make our decisions accordingly and the speak out for what we believe. Call me loonie but I believe Obama’s fond memories of the Islamic call to prayer run deeper than he wants us to know. His efforts to squelch the truth and to pander to the rights of terrorists are not the thoughts of a PRO AMERICAN president. There. I have said it. Comments welcome.

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