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Saturday, April 10, 2010

America Needs an Enema. 1600 Pennsylvania is the Place

It matters not where Barack Obama was born, raised and educated; he is not an American. Perhaps I should say that he, like Michelle, only became proud of America when he was elected. Before that his history is one of consorting with every communist, leftist Educator, and anti-American leftover from the 60s. He spent his time with some of the most divisive minds in this country. So while he lives in America he is not for America. Barry is more concerned what our enemies think that what Americans think. He truly believes he can talk the world to sleep. Honestly, he has gone far with his ramblings.

Listen to what the man says and his beliefs are clear. For months, soon to be years, there have been numerous bloggers, pundits, historians, and ordinary Americans sounding the alarm that this man is a one man wrecking ball out to tear down America and rebuild it in his image. Still a large number of Americans are unable to hear the crap in what he says.

For days now, doctor’s offices and insurance companies have been inundated with phone calls wanting the “free O’bamacare”. These people only heard free. They never heard anything but what they wanted to hear and that was “ObamaCrap”. It make many weak in the knees and others into zombies: crap zombies.

To be fair all politicians weigh in heavy on the “full-o-crap” meter but this guy takes the prize. What he lacks in integrity he makes up for in deception. To this day I do not know of one single promise that he has kept to the American people. The special interests groups that forked over nearly a billion dollars to get him elected, now those folks he has honored his promises, which leads me to my point… America needs a good Enema.

A good flushing of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would do us all a lot of good and the sooner the better. In truth I have been happy to see the Whitehouse cleaned out a couple of times but the folks living in there now belong in a country where the citizenry are unawares. Barry needs to find a country:
Where everyone will bow before him and never disagree.
Where Barry can control everyone and everything
Where the process doesn’t matter just his majesty’s wishes
Where he can create division and discontent
Where there is a 24hour TV channel showing nothing but flattering photos of him
Where no journalists will ever tell the truth about him
Where citizens think he is wonderful and possibly “THE ONE”
Where government officials throw out their values to appease him
Where money can be printed and spent willy-nilly
Where the only rich person is Barry and a few of his fellow commies
Where laws are interpreted by “O” and only “O”
Where I would be arrested for writing this

Come to think of it, he has just about created that place! Better get the hot soapy water, the kit and some patriots that aren’t afraid of getting covered in crap. Oh yes! Don’t look for the Patriots on Capitol Hill. Most of them are busy regurgitating the crap they have been fed to their constituents.


  1. Obama is most definitely a socialist. He can deny it all he wants but the proof is in his words and in his associates (both past and present).

    It works like this: you can call a pig a turtledove, but it still looks like a pig, smells like a pig, oinks like a pig: guess what, it is a pig!

    Real liberals . . . real Democrats . . . need to get a clue and realize their party has been hi-jacked.

  2. barack hussein obama and his regime have been a sad joke played on the American people from day one - and the support they've received from the mainstream media has been depressing.

    The country is more divided than it's been for a long time and most of it can be laid at the feet of the media, which continually fails in its duty to EXPLAIN to Americans what is going on and the choices they need to make between nationalized industries and socialism vs a free market and capitalism -- and the implications for the future when they make that choice.

  3. That pretty much sums it up Ken. The people (mostly by mistake-I hope) voted for "change." They didn't take the time to figure out what "change" exactly meant. The more and more they see, the more buyers remorse they experience.


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