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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bill Clinton advises Conservatives!

Don’t you just love it that Bill the Perfidious President with his Pants around his knees can moralize and advise American on the proper ways to feel and behave. After all he was only involved with real-estate scams and countless charges of impropriety. He paid women “hush money” for no reason at all and used Arkansas State Troopers as pimps. Fortunately Monica Lewinsky brought this all to a head: so to speak. I will never think of cigars the same.

Add to that that he talked of “Right Wing Conspiracies” the entire time he was in the Whitehouse and you really have someone to respect and listen to. Oh yes, Willy and Hillary gave meaning to honesty and integrity. Bill, you even hauled off the people’s furniture from the Whitehouse when you left. This vulgar and profane man would have been fired by any reputable company in the United States or elsewhere but due to the lack of fortitude he was allowed to continue shaming America.

Then there was that thing where Bill rented out the Whitehouse bedrooms to foreigners and high bidders to raise money for the Democratic Party. The DNC received a tidy $5.2 million dollars from Bills little B&B enterprise and some of the greatest creeps on earth stayed there and the likes of Richard Dreyfus, Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand. You might note that Blanche Lambert Lincoln, yes the sellout Senator from Arkansas has also slept there. How cozy. Blanche how is that re-election campaign going for you?

Yep. As one to the two men impeached by the House of Representatives only to be spared by the Senate, this is a man we should value the opinions of. Yes and then he moved off to Harlem to be near his bride only to pay the highest rent ever for an office all on the people’s dime. He started off with an office in the Carnegie Hall Tower at $739,000.00 a year and only after the nation cried out did he get it down to a paltry $200,000.00 a year.

Yep! I think about Bill, or should I say Slick Willie and I think, “Now there is a man that Americans need to take their advice from; particularly when it comes to doing what’s best for America.” One thing is for sure, if you need to know about danger to the American way, Bill should be a valuable source.

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  1. Slick Willie is a site to behold, isn't he? He was the greatest sociopath to ever hold office. He could speak at length without a prompter. And he could lie, lie well, and lie consistently.


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