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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fear! Made in the USA... Patent Pending...

It is time for the Government to Scare the Old and the Poor half to death. They warned us now watch as the Obama machine ratchets up fear. (play "Jaws" music)

Rahm Emmanuel has said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” He then went on to clarify 5 points the government hoped to deal with: Healthcare, Energy, Taxes, Education, and Financial Regulation. Hillary Clinton said the same thing with regard to the climate and if you look at everything this administration has done, it has use fear as its tactic. This government has created a “Crisis” in all of these areas.

We had the crisis of too big to fail? Surely the heavens will fall if… the Banks, GM, Chrysler, Beanie Weenies. (Just kidding about the Beanie Weenies, they are still fine.) Then we had the “these tea-partiers are really scary” and you need to worrrrrry about them. Another goodie is that the Ice Cap is thawing and this signals that the earth will burn up soon if the Oceans don’t flood everything to the Rockies.

Sure, all of these things have something to be said for or about them but the Obama administration does everything by fear. Why? Fear works. Fear makes doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons somehow look sensible. Fear makes people who claim to have solutions seem desirable. Fear makes you needy and no one likes needy like a politician looking to take over your life.

If this administration continues to follow its pattern it will continue with fear. I think they are ready to go after the Poor and the Elderly. Yep! I think they are going to threaten their checks. Think about it. The government is broke. Just now they are starting to say how broke they are. They need money. Where will they get the money? Taxes! Of course it is taxes but how will they get the people behind the idea of taxes. They will get the people who don’t pay them to vote for them. Let me repeat. The poor and the elderly don’t pay taxes. Only a percentage of those in between pay any. As election time comes and everyone hopes for change they will whip up a fresh batch of fear.

I can hear it all now. “You have to vote for this and that or you won’t get you pills or your check or your check will bounce. You must stop the “Tax Paying Americans” from their wants and needs. If the taxpayers get their way you won’t get your check. Your section 8 housing will dry up and you will die. Oh what can you do? First support Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants. Then they will vote with the poor and the elderly and you can keep all that free money. After all, they have way too much and you have way too little.”

Mark it Down! There will be fear spewing from a TV near you. Fear! Manufactured by the fine folks at Obama Save yourselves and to hell with the rest of America! It’s the Obama way!

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  1. It all comes for the global governance playbook.

    Check out all these interactive crisis guides at the Council on Foreign Relations.


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