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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its About Jobs Stupid!

Wall Street and Banks “too big to fail” have certainly wreaked havoc on Americans over this past year. Washington responded by doling out billions upon billions of dollars to these outfits and then setting course for Healthcare Reform. Everyone knows they managed to wriggle that slimy legislation past the people and now Obama wants to go back after the banks. It is almost as if he were clueless. Don’t think that for one minute for clueless he is not. He wants “swift” action on legislation to in effect “take over” the banks. It is always swift. Hurry hurry hurry he cries out. He needs to add the Banks to his side of the Monopoly board and by all means hurry.

Confirm my SCOTUS and pass this Healthcare now. Do it now. Don’t read it just pass it. Now! We need more legislation and we need it fast. If you folks in the Senate can’t confirm my people fast enough just take a break and I will slip them past using sleight of hand politics. By the way “World” do you not see what a great thing I did with the “Nuclear” jamboree and notice how fast? Aren’t I special? Never mind that Americans are suffering, struggling, and losing hope over the economy and joblessness. Don't expect from Obama as he is out campaigning for radicals.

If it weren’t for the fact that Obama has never once veered from his devious ambitions I might think he was clueless. He is not clueless. He is driven. To be sure he has pressed toward the goals of huge government, even toward a fascist government at the expense of everything else. Case in point: Barry knows Americans need jobs. He also knows that the longer the Jobless are on the dole, the more they will need government to help them. They will need checks and training for new jobs. Doubtless but what they will be government jobs as that is the only thing growing now.

It is within the human spirit to make a difference, to contribute, and to be part of something bigger. Anything short of this destroys the human spirit. Americans need jobs. Jobs are what will make them feel that they do make a difference. Jobs will help their spirits and give hope to their families. Jobs will make Americans proud. In the meantime BHO will focus on everything but jobs. He needs Americans to be needy. The needier they become the more control he has over them.

As for me, Barack has nothing I want short of his removal from the Whitehouse. He is bad for America in the worst possible ways. He is divisive and arrogant. He is a bad loser and a worse winner. He regards the Constitution with contempt and the laws of this land as vehicles to be manipulated. Congress is a necessary evil to do his dirty work as he plays to the camera. The media is a tool for Obama to use as he sees fit and America is nothing more than a nation for his radical experiments. He does as he wishes and dares anyone to stop him. He mocks everything good and decent in this nation and brings shame with his handling of our allies. He loves the sound of his own voice and wants everyone on earth to love it as well.

What is important to Obama will generally be the thing that he wants and not what the people want. If they want Jobs he gives them unemployment checks. For smaller government he gave us a bigger and more powerful IRS. For spending cuts he has given us record spending and debt. For national security he has assured the world we won't do anything. For sanctions on Iran he has given us a year of fancy footwork and doubletalk. For leadership he has mocked the people. Yep. I'd say he Obama is just about nothing that anyone wants.

Since what I've said might as well have been spoken into the wind, let me just say that right now: it's about jobs Stupid!

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  1. Well said Ken. It is about jobs, and Obama is set on killing as many as possible.


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