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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

America is a Christian Nation

God is alive and well in America.
For some the issue of religion is a difficult subject. Still, there is no denying that the US was founded using Judaeo / Christian principles. To this day we are a largely Christian nation and the polls bear this out. One of the most wonderful concepts found in Judaism and Christianity is the concept of Grace. It is this concept of Grace that gives America its religious tolerance. It is what makes it possible to believe whatever you like and remain here. Tell me that exists in other nations and I will show you a basically Judaeo / Christian nation.

Tolerance is what makes it possible for agnostics and atheists to believe or not to believe whatever they want. It is this tolerance (Grace) that made it possible for Jeremiah Wright to preach his gospel of hatred and do so without fear of reprisal. In America you can believe whatever you like. You can even believe that we are not a Christian nation as stated by president Obama: albeit incorrectly.

On this Judaeo / Christian foundation a nation was built that prospered as no other in the history of man. Doubtless, America is the greatest nation on earth. Yet, even now Grace is at work allowing every citizen of this great nation to believe as they wish. For some that is not enough. For some they must have control and every American must be forced to believe as these people do. They are forever bringing lawsuits to take God out of schools, out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and out of the very fabric of our culture, if that were possible.

In my thinking I am content to let you believe whatever you like. That is, until what you believe begins to infringe on my right. Once you cross that line then I no longer am bound to think kindly of you. You are no longer allowing “live and let live” but are trying to dictate life on your terms. This is totally unacceptable, not only to me but to millions of Americans. To be sure, we will stand up against you.

You do not have to pray my prayers nor worship my God. You will however respect my right to do so wherever I go and as I see fit within the bounds of Grace. When you wish to remove God from my schools, my books, my government, or dare say my Constitution you shall find a much less graceful adversary.

Be advised. I and millions of Americans choose to leave peaceably with all men. Take it at that, but be not deceived. We will stand for God and Country. In our minds it is God that gives us Country. Should you find this hard to hear let me suggest one thing. Trying to destroy Christian principles is to destroy your freedoms. That’s insane.

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