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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Evolution of a Dictator.

It has been a scary yet interesting past six months. We have inaugurated a president who seems totally removed from mainstream America even though he was elected by a majority. To me he is like the proverbial “Bull in a China Shop”. He does as he wishes, breaks what he will, and apologizes to no one regardless of how wrong he is. He recently “walked back his words” of racism and slander against the Cambridge Police Department. He did not apologize. He will have a beer. What a cool way to cover your mistakes.

When Obama has Press Conferences and Town Halls, like every few minutes (he has had more already than like anyone ever), he has orchestrated what questions will be asked. Even still his answers are long and boring and while away the time allotted. It is as if he controls the press. Oh yeah. He does. And if it were not enough to control the press, he created his own Whitehouse press at something over $4,000,000.00 per year in taxpayer dollars. It seems that having control over the press is not enough. He prefers to own it. I guess when we funded GE that we bought ABC. They sure act like they are beholding to him.

If you hadn’t noticed, Obama cannot stand a difference of opinion. During the campaign it was often leaked that he kept to himself and made sure that everyone was in their place. Those who wrote anything about him which he deemed unflattering were moved to the rear of the bus. Actually they were given poor seats on the second plane. If there is any chance there will be a demonstration, Obama has the secret service move back the demonstrators a safe distance: say to the next state or somewhere.

To date, no one has indirectly or directly disagreed with Obama and managed to keep their head. I only have my head temporarily. It is on loan from the administration. Dissent is just not tolerated and anything that came from a mouth other than his is potentially dissent.

Like so many politicians he is not bound by the commitments he made during the campaign. Statements like no taxes for the middle class evaporated like a drop of water on a hot griddle. One of my favorites is his commitment to transparency. I just love that. Obama has yet to pull back the curtain and let us see him pulling the handles that makes the Oz Wizard puff and blow smoke. I suspect he thinks we are stupid. Perhaps he thinks he can get it all done without Americans co-operating with his plans. Actually, that is what I think. Why else all the rush?

Lastly, Obama seems to want government to have control over everything. I forget. What do they call that again? Oh yeah: communism! How silly of me. Some people think that communism is where everyone moves in together and eats at the same table. Obama’s idea is different. He is planning to take all the tables from rich people and give them to poor people. Now he will keep his rich table because after all we do need someone to look after us and since we have all these czars, who better than that friggin’, left-wing, America overthrowing, wealth redistributing, Constitution destroying, racists and divisive, socialist Dictator: Barack Hussein Obama?

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