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Sunday, July 12, 2009

When Time Isn't On Your Side

Today President Obama encouraged Americans to be patient and give his recovery plan more time to work. I suppose that is alright if you are Jetting around the World at taxpayers expense and having photo ops like a lottery winner turned tourist. If on the other hand you are out of work, facing foreclosure, dodging bill collectors, and trying to find the next meal his words have a hollow sound. What happened to all those shovel ready jobs?

In all fairness President Obama didn't really understand how long it would take to get that money out to the people. After all, he had only been a Senator for 2 years with the latter of those years spent on the campaign trail. In Washington time he was a newbie and is really still trying to get his presidential legs under him. This president made grand promises to the world and has so far made every effort to explore and woo that world. He really hasn't had time to work on the domestic issues.

I find it interesting that the only shovel ready jobs in my state is building some latrines in the state parks. Unfortunately most of the people I know who are out of work are city folk who don't know the first thing about latrines nor how to build one. I dare say that most would be hard to convince to even use one. City people tend to be fussy that way.

Still, I can't help wonder what would happen if President Obama spent a little more time in Washington D.C. and a little less time in Air Force one. On Tuesday he will be jetting to Saint Louis to throw out the first pitch at the All-Star game. Those he sees in the stadium will no doubt clap for him regardless of his athletic prowess. I doubt he will see the homeless who live adjacent to the stadium under the overpasses. I guess they should be thankful to have a roof over their heads.

So America, is this the change you were expecting?

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