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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is President Obama an Elitist?

President Obama has been called an Elitist. Hearing about this I thought it an interesting topic on which to blog. As I often do when challenged with a controversial subject I researched the word “Elitist” in the dictionary; which in turn led me to a web search, which resulted in numerous opinion pieces. They covered this very question with most speculating about the why; even to the point of essentially psychoanalyzing their motives; the ones who originally called him an Elitist? My research produced a thinly veiled charge of racism. They argued that to say Elitist and Obama in the same sentence was racism. Numerous sites were explored with the bulk of them making this same declaration. Go figure.

Apparently, using highly trained skills they were able to deduce from one definition of Elitist: one who considers themselves as superior. From there it was just a hop, skip, and a jump through the imagination to equate superior to uppity. Uppity? A rather archaic choice don’t you think. Albeit! I could stretch and use uppity in a sentence if forced to. Now, take a very liberal left turn and you will find yourself at the quite old concept of “an uppity black” (actual word offensive and not used). Those using this logic concluded that obviously that who said that Obama was an elitist were in fact calling him an Uppity N…. It is supposed to be some sort of conservative code language. I must have missed that class.

My impression is that much of what politicians say is untruthful. They speak in velvety and often slippery language. Some might say that they speak without saying anything. In fact the very word Politic is literally translated as shrewd. But then when I think of shrewd my mind immediately thinks of that furry rat-like creature with the long nose: the shrew. That could account for my immediate dislike of things political.

Still, it is fair to say that Obama is a shrewd politician (No redundancy intended.) and he does seem to carry himself with a sense of entitlement; the way someone might who thought themselves superior to bring about the future of America. That being the crux of the matter the question really is no longer “Is Obama and Elitist” but is he your brand of elitist?

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