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Thursday, July 16, 2009

When Push Comes to Shove: as in down your throat

The longer one watches the approach and actions of Barack Obama the more clear it becomes that only one opinion matters to him: His. Anytime he is presented with anything he disagrees with he appoints a czar or dispatches his political thugs to handle it. Right now His supreme agenda is Health Care Reform, lovingly referred to as Obama Care. Take yours eyes off this bill for just one second and it will be passed. You will never know what hit you, that is, until you get the bill and spend hours in the clinic waiting for an aspirin.

No one argues that Health Care in America needs serious attention. Notice, I used the words "serious attention". That is not what is on the table for consideration. What is currently being propelled throught the congress is a loosely compiled pile of bureuacratic jargon that loosely translates... Obama wants this and he wants it now and he won't wait and it must be this and, and, and, and.... Neither he nor the group of zombies that are following him have the slightest concern for anyone other than OBAMA. Cost? No problem. We will create a new tax and call it something else. When Oprah called him the "one" I misunderstood. I didn't get it that she was telling us from now on there is no you, no America, no Constution, no negotiating, no freedom, no nada: Only Obama.

The change we were promised and the change we are receiving are extremely different. Obama is essentially a dictator. Even now I wonder how much room there is for Americans to make a difference in what Obama intends to do. It would appear that he has the votes and where he lacks them he sends in his thugs to threaten them. He brushes aside a grass roots movement by the people and calls them "a bunch of tea baggers": disrespect for them intended. He doesn't like what is in the press, albeit highly flattering of him, so he creates "White House TV". He now controls what information the press gets and for months now he seems to have all of the questions and attendees staged. You might say he is playing with a stacked deck. He believes American are playing with half-a-deck.

It has taken Obama only months to disarm the checks and balances we have in our government. Soon, his "Wise Latina" will be confirmed and he will be one step closer to "Obamerica". In Obamerica he will rule in the manner of his idols and Congress will become unnecessary. (I wonder if congress knows they will soon be unemployed.) Still, I suspect that this will not satisfy him. What will? Perhaps he wasn't visiting World Governments. Perhaps he was surveying his territory.

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