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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reflections upon Discrimination and Prejudice

One would have to pretty simplistic in their thinking to believe that America has not gone through great pains because of prejudice, racism, and discrimination. In fact, I dare say that anyone who is different in any way will be singled out and treated differently. It was true for the Irish, the Italians, and the Vietnamese. It has been true for every tribe or nation that has chosen to live in our great nation. Humans seem able to discriminate on any imaginable basis including race, gender, creed, national origin, and yes even Vietnam Veteran status.

As a child I wittnessed discrimination and even participated based upon the whomever seemed vulnerable at the time. Attacks were made on the poor, the homeless, the obese, and those who were just a little more different that others. Surveys and studies have shown that "pretty and handsome" people have better chances at good jobs and obtaining help in times of need such as when a car breaks down. People having a bad hair day or no hair are the brunt of jokes. Having bad teeth or a cleft palate will surely end your hopes for an acting carreer.

To be sure, many of the reasons why people are discriminated against can be helped. Sometimes surgery or new set of clothes, or learning to speak in a socially acceptable way or using the proper language at the proper time would be of help. Some could loose weight, put on weight or get a tan. Others might try practicing casual or business communications to help aleviate some of the pressure. Many may they have little they can do, however I suspect that everyone can do a little something to lessen their plight.

It seems unlikely that individual efforts will ever make a permanent and lasting change. People are just different and no sooner that you think you have seen it all and you will see something new. Someone will find that new thing something they can discriminate against. For those people it will be as if they are an alien race setting foot on the planet for the first time. Even those who have been discriminated will line up to discriminate against these. It would appear hopeless.

Today President Obama spoke to the NAACP. Part of what he said follows:

"But make no mistake: the pain of discrimination is still felt in America. By African-American women paid less for doing the same work as colleagues of a different color and gender. By Latinos made to feel unwelcome in their own country. By Muslim Americans viewed with suspicion for simply kneeling down to pray. By our gay brothers and sisters, still taunted, still attacked, still denied their rights.

"On the 45th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, discrimination must not stand. Not on account of color or gender; how you worship or who you love. Prejudice has no place in the United States of America."

President Obama's words call for an end to pejudice and discrimination and while he cannot mention everyone, leaving out anyone is regrettable, particularly if you are that one. You cannot help but notice that he mentioned today only the minorities he hopes to favor. If you are one he has ignored, the middle ager who has lost their job because their age, or if you are a Jehovah's Wittness and people find you offensive to work around. For every people there are differences. You can make laws and circulate petitions. We have these things now yet another speech.

Some will make speeches or write blogs and some will do nothing. Still others will continue to discriminate using none of the above, but using their place and power in life to deprive others of their freedoms. Some, because of the lofty stations can minimize and even ignore the "dull and ignorant" masses, feeling superior in intellect and therfore worthy to control our destinies. In truth all of these forms of discrimination originate in the minds of people. It is those minds that discriminate and since we all have a mind it is possible to imagine that we all discrimate and are discriminated against.

To single out a race or a religion, a people or a concept and point the finger of blame is to discriminate. Declaring your neigbor a racist, is that not discriminatory?
So who then has the right to accuse, to chose what is right, fair and just. Who can say? Whatever you choose to say or not, write or not, do or not do, nothing will happen until the heart and conscience of the hater stops hating. The solution lies within the spiritual side of man. To date there is no law that can correct that.

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