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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ok. No one can argue that the Uniform Code of Military justice leaves little room for personal opinions of leaders. That being said, it seems to me that General McChrystal knew exactly what he was saying and what he was not. Clearly he allowed, even tolerated his subordinates disrespect of Obama and Biden. He himself said little or nothing. In this I truly think he outsmarted the Administration and the Left at their own game.

Think about it. You are commander of an army and are told you have to win a war and hurt no one but the bad guys. The bad guys look the same as the “good guys” (tongue in cheek) in a primitive nation that doesn’t want us there. The Government of this country is corrupt and your retreater-in-chief has telegraphed his intentions to the enemy. This adds up to a war that no General can win. Alrighty then.

In comes the Leftwing Media and this general and his staff throw them just enough to make a juicy story. It is enough to be removed from the theatre of operations and send a message to the American people that our Nation is being led by a nitwit. Should he feel bad? I think not. America now knows without question what a weak leader is in the Whitehouse and how bad the war is really going to be. Better still this general walks away with the next one taking the heat for the failure when and if it happens. To me this is the best executed political maneuver of the decade and to make it perfect Obama took the bait. Had Obama just chastised McChrystal and sent him back to the front he would have looked forgiving, even magnanimous, and won the hearts and minds of those loving McChrystal. Oops! That would have required Obama to accept his humanness. True to form Obama punished his accusers and demonstrated that he cannot lead.

As for McChrystal, I think he can run for office or whatever. His is in no way damaged by this but rather respected all the more by the mass of Americans. Forget what the other Generals are now saying. Listen to what the troops and the everyday folks are saying. General McChrystal you are my friggin’ hero.

So who wins? We all do if we listen to the General and oust the one who lords over us.


  1. Great post Ken. You took an angle that I hadn't thought of. I think time will tell what the General's ideas were. I think there's a book deal out there for him, if there isn't already.

  2. The UCMJ does not say what people think it does.


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