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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Obama Duped! Karzai to join Taliban!

Behind Karzai is a long history of corruption and deceit. His brother is the Opium king of Afghanistan and Karzai’s honesty and allegiance have always been in question. Instead of the Obama administration recognizing their ally was the devil they instead put all their faith that this Satan would eliminate corruption. It would appear that foreign policy experience would be a good quality in a president; particularly when that president thinks he can win a war without bullets.

Moreover, Karzai signaled that he was upset with the Obama Administration just months ago after Barry met with him personally and hurt his feelings. After that meeting in April of this year, Karzai stated that he would align with the Taliban. He was corrupt and deceptive then and he never changed. The only change is the time. He was and is an evil and weak leader entrusted by our weak and possibly evil leader Obama. Perhaps he never learned in that “Christian” church of his that you cannot make a “silk purse out of a sow’s ear” or “to cast not your pearls before swine”.

All of this misplaced trust of Obama has only cost us months, lives, and suffering in and for Afghanistan. Before we didn’t know for sure who to trust; now our soldiers are in between the Devil and his Disciples. We have adopted this philosophy to change (notice CHANGE) the hearts and minds of the Afghani people. We want them to trust us, our ways, our words, and our efforts. We did tell them however that we won’t be there later to protect them and that the Taliban will return to lop their heads off but we did take the softer approach. In the meantime: Trust Us!

Fighting any war is a terrible undertaking. Fighting one that you cannot or will not win is simply insane. Fighting one where you want all sides to love you is beyond comprehension. Surely the phone has rang at 3am and gone unanswered. It rang again at 3:15am, and 3:30, and etc… Even now the ringer goes unsilenced. The American people have made a mistake and our Commander in Chief is anything but. He is an Entertainer in Chief, or a Partier in Chief, or even a Vacationer in Chief but he leads no one. He has failed at every opportunity to lead in government, in the gulf, in immigration, and in Governing. Sadly he is so narcissistic that when Barry looks behind him he imagines the millions that follow him but they are not there. He cannot see that for he knows that he is “the One”. Unfortunately he is the one who leads us into the ambush, the making of his own errors. Peril awaits us but still Barack pushes on.


  1. I think Karzai needs to go. It's been 8 years with little progress.

  2. Trestin,
    I am afraid that Karzai or someone equally corrupt will be in charge in Afghanistan.

    What is worse is that we won't understand that and do our job accordingly. Get it done and get out or just get out. There is nothing to be won in Afghanistan. Any change we might make will be undone before our bags are packed.


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