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Friday, June 25, 2010

MO-Bama: MOre Indifference, MOre Disrespect, MOre Corruption…

One would think that after 1 ½ years this guy would get something right. I mean if you shoot enough hoops, the law of probability says that eventually you will get one in. Accepting that, you would have to say that Obama’s continued Anti-America actions surely are purely intentional. Let me illustrate.

Today’s headlines shows that Obama has appointed a new Immigration and Customs Enforcement director in the person of Harold Hurtt. This man has a law enforcement background but favors “Sanctuary Cities” (cities where illegal immigrants can live without fear of arrest). So in his efforts to advance the cause of Immigration Reform, Obama appoints a director who plays hide-and-go-seek with illegals and they can call Olly-Olly-Ox-in-Free when they reach a “Sanctuary City”.

Also in today’s headlines a Congressional Committee has stayed up all night to put the finishing touches on a 2,000 page financial reform bill that Chairperson Chris Dodd said, “No one will know until this is actually in place how it works. But we believe we've done something that has been needed for a long time.” While I don’t speak double-speak I do know BS when I hear it and this one won’t be good for Americans if this is the way it begins. Since when did we start playing “Grab Bag Government”? Buy the bag folks and get your surprise. Come on it is only trillions of your dollars.

And in further news the Whitehouse and Google seem to be having an affair of the worst kind. Obama had promised no Lobbying of its power yet they have this interesting relationship with Google. Google was Obama’s third largest contributor to his presidential campaign which was 40 times the size of John Mc Cain’s. It would appear that D.C. is a sanctuary city for corruption.


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  1. Ken, this is yet another example of Obama (publicly) talking moderate and appointing someone who is a massive lib. Great post.


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