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Monday, June 7, 2010

Iran Offers Navy Escort to Next Flotilla!

If you want to find out just how far Israel will go to protect herself just let Iran escort the next convoy to Gaza. An aide to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, offered that very thing today. Yes while we have been negotiating on sanctions against Iran, they are becoming so bold has to do more than ship weapons to the Palestinians. Now they want to help deliver them. Obama promised us 1 ½ years ago that he would bring swift action on the sanctions. Like so much of what he says that has turned out to be so much election rhetoric. In the meantime, Israel is in the crosshairs of the Islamic world and my impression is that this is not a stable condition for the region.

Israel has only one choice. They must defend themselves. If they lose one war they lose everything. We are not talking about a people with options and if you want to find out once and for all if Israel has the bomb just keep watching Obama-Imam. It is true that the “International Community” wants to know and wants to investigate Israel’s actions regarding the flotilla. Obama came out lukewarm on this and gave his de facto support. Israel on the other hand will have none of this. As far as they are concerned the flotilla was advised to turn away and chose to bring it to violence instead. If that is not clear to anyone then there is little that could be done to clear it up for you.

As any student of religion originating with Abraham can tell you, the descendents of Ishmael and the descendants of Isaac will always be at odds with each other: forever. I’m forever mystified by those who think that conflicts that have gone on for thousands of years can be resolved with peace talks. Do you not know that Palestinians are largely Muslim and by definition the only good Jew is a dead Jew? To the Muslim the only good Christian is a dead Christian. In fact, if you are not a Muslim, your death is desired and even encouraged by the Quran. Let us be clear that in Islam there is no room for criticism. Draw a cartoon or speak poorly of the prophet Muhammad and you will know the wrath of Islam.

This brings me to my final thoughts. What better nation to seize than one where you are Innocent until proven guilty, you have the right to remain silent, your freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution which you seek to destroy, and where your religion allows you to lie. Technically Muslims are only allowed to lie under these conditions:

Muslims are allowed to only lie during battle, essentially in war. Muslims are allowed to lie in order to bring peace between two people, and also when a wife and husband are fighting with each other and they lie to bring about an end to their problems.

It would not take a lawyer to find that these rules are full of loopholes. If the truth be known Muslims are at war right now with the American way of life:

TEHRAN, June 4, 2009-- Iran's supreme leader dismissed President Obama's speech at Cairo University Thursday, saying the Muslim world continues to "hate America."

So, if you want to see what Israel will do, just push them. I don’t advise it but then who listens to me anyway.

Ps Better call ahead for extra extra virgins...

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  1. The Muslim countries of the region never seem to learn. Every time they seek to destroy Israel it blows up in their faces.


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