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Friday, June 4, 2010

When bizarre becomes the norm, what’s the new bizarre?

Years ago I remember hearing some disturbing figures on what percentage of Americans were technically neurotic. The numbers were so high that neurotic was actually becoming the new normal. So if Neurotic becomes normal, what does it take to be "Psychotic"? My point here is not to discuss psychiatric labels but to talk about the bizarre state of thinking in America these days. You see, the more bizarre the behavior by teachers, and politicians, and public figures; the more accustomed to it we become over time. This process happens to all people in all cultures and strata of life. Only when you step back and find something fixed to measure things by can you really tell how bizarre things are. Measure these things against your reality and see what I mean.

For instance:

• The Whitehouse is currently suspected of violating federal laws to alter the outcomes of elections by bribing officials.
• The Attorney General of the U.S. dropped all charges against the New Black Panthers that were involved in voter tampering in Philadelphia.
• Arizona wrote a law protecting the rights of their citizens
• LA Schools want to teach how wrong the Arizona law is to all students in the district
• The DOJ went to Arizona to try and strong arm their officials into dropping the law
• The leader of the DOJ, Eric Holder, helped Bill Clinton pardon Marc Rich of illegal arms trade deals with Iran and of Owing the American people $48 million in back taxes.
• The president of the U.S. disrespects the citizenry by calling them “Tea Baggers” and not inviting a single one for a chat
• That same president has near bi-weekly meetings with the president of the SEIU union who in several cases attacked Tea Party members
• In response to Arizona’s plight with her borders, Obama sends 1200 National Guard troops to provide administrative support but not to actually be involved in securing the border
• The United States debt passed 13 Trillion which means your unborn grandchildren now owe more than $42,000.00 if they were born right now.
• Within months America will have to sell $2 Trillion of debt to foreigners and there really aren’t that many buyers.
• The Obama administration sided with the UN Security council to condemn Israel’s actions in protecting itself from the “Flotilla of Peaceniks”
• Tax Cheat Rahm Emmanuel was again behind on taxes. This time it was property taxes and not a Turbo Tax error.
• Mexico is opening a Consular office on Catalina Island and offering Illegal Immigrants Identification cards. There is possible links to drug smuggling and trading in illegal immigrants from the island.
• Obama met with Gov. Jan Brewer but refused to speak about specific solutions to the border problem and even declined to make any commitment to her

This list could go on endlessly. As you can see that there is no “Common” sense to any of the things that seem to be happening. In fact you could say that it is all bizarre. So bizarre has become so normal that it takes extraordinarily bizarre just to make headlines and not even headlines for the mainstream media. Excuse me America while I try to find a word for this new found norm spreading across our nation. I can’t find one. What word do you use?

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  1. Ken, I think my contribution would be the word, "liberal."


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